While most homeowners enjoy full responsibility of their home and land, Homeowners Associations (HOAs) are common and equally loved. This blog will cover the pros of living in an HOA, but first an overview of what an HOA is will be covered.

Defining an HOA

A homeowners association is technically an organization (usually non-profit) established by a developer. This process includes the development of the bylaws, rules and regulations, articles of incorporation, and covenants, conditions, and restrictions (CC&Rs). The association then provides management to specific neighborhood, area, or gated community. The primary duties of an HOA are to maintain curb appeal and any common areas, monitor community rules, and manage the collected HOA fees.

The Advantages of an HOA

Moving into a home within an HOA means you are automatically a member of the HOA and are held by the CC&Rs. The only potential caveat of membership is if the HOA has a voluntary membership, but then, you won’t have access to any amenities either. So, what are these amenities and what other advantages are there to being part of an HOA? Let’s take a closer look at what a well-established and properly run HOA will provide its members:
Community Amenities. Each HOA is different, some may have a clubhouse, pool, fitness center, playgrounds, accessory dwelling for guests, and park settings.

Landscaping Upkeep.

Unless you love to mow, weed, trim, and edge, you will appreciate the extra time provided to you with an HOA who brings in professionals to landscape your yard.

Utility Bills.

Many, but not all HOAs will cover the costs of utilities in your monthly dues, possibly including such as water, gas, trash, sewer, and recycling.


If you love to chat it up with your neighbors, an HOA is perfect, where you will find numerous activities or everyday while enjoying amenities. You can also provide a voice to the HOA board, as a member or as a board member.

Good Neighbors.

As part of an HOA, there are rules about noise, nuisances, and other ‘bad’ behavior. If those rules are ignored, you don’t have to handle it yourself. There are ways the HOA Board can hold those bad neighbors accountable.

Property Values Hold or Build.

HOAs protect property values through many of the advantages described above, particularly when it comes to curb appeal of the neighborhood.

If these advantages made you smile, the next time you hear the term ‘HOA’ take some time to consider the history, CC&Rs, and fully consider becoming the next member of the HOA.