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Colorado Springs Mortgage : Podcast 125 – Part 2

Steve: You could go into an office and meet with a broker out of an office of any given real estate firm. Keller Williams, in Tulsa at McGraw. Maybe you’re in Columbia, Missouri, and there’s a place called House of Brokers. You go in and on the wall, they have these plaques from the previous year for the top producers. Well, that’s who I want to work with Colorado Springs Mortgage.
Listen, if you’re a realtor out there or a salesperson and you just sell a couple of houses or you do a couple of mortgages, it’s fine. I mean, I’m not knocking that. You do what you want to do. I’m just saying, I’m not going to spend time and resources to try to land an agent and get all their referrals when they sell two houses a year Colorado Springs Mortgage.
No offense, I’ll do the loans for those two people that you do. I mean, I’m happy to and I have lots of agents that do that, but if I’m going to set a target for people I want to do business with, I’m going to set that target for somebody that can best help my business grow.
I’m not going to set a target for somebody that’s like, dude if we land them, we are going to grow like .0001% this year. Right?
Tyler: Right.
Steve: I mean, it’s funny and it’s not like trying to be offensive to whoever is out there that doesn’t sell a bunch of houses. It’s just, I want to make all my time and effort go to where I have its best use, right?
Tyler: Yeah.
Steve: Know what I’m saying?
Tyler: Yep.
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Steve: We’re talking about our Dream 100 list and what it is. If you are a loan officer and you’re watching on Total Lending You and you need to know what the Dream 100 list is, this is where you start. As Tyler was just saying, it’s not a one hour project on a Tuesday. I’ve had loan officers that have said, “I can’t find 100 agents.” That’s okay. Have a Dream 25. Heck, have a Dream 10. It’s better than having no dreams. Snap!
Having a dream. Here’s the list that I’ve got. I’d rather you give me ten top producing people that can help change your life and your business than to give me 100 crap. People that you don’t know anything about. You saw their name out there on a billboard. I mean, look, there’s a lot of agents out there that are very well known that sell no houses. There just are Colorado Springs Mortgage.
I mean, it’s just plain and simple. I mean, look at me. I’m pretty well known in my market. I don’t close any loans. Just kidding. A couple. Tyler does it all. The point is, is that you want to align yourself with people that are going to help bring you up, not bring you down, right?
The point is, you need to target people that are producing at a high level, not target people that are producing at a low level because at a low level is going to cause you to not grow at the speed at which you probably want to. That’s not how you become a top producer. It’s not by targeting people that aren’t top producers, right Tyler?
Tyler: Right.
Steve: Our Dream 100 is a work in progress constantly. My Dream 100 is … The other thing is, you might have somebody that’s on your Dream 100 that you’re never going to do business with. It just isn’t a good fit, right? Did you tell me this? Somebody was telling me a sales thing yesterday, Tyler, about … You were. Talk about that. About what Gary Vanderchuk said.
Tyler: Yeah. Don’t sell the unsaleable. Don’t try to sell the unsaleable Colorado Springs Mortgage.
Steve: Expound on that because you said something else yesterday.
Tyler: I mean, don’t spend … Your time is your number one commodity. Period.
Steve: Boom.
Tyler: You can’t get time back. Don’t spend all of your time chasing something that’s never going to happen. Period. You’ve got to look for the opportunity. If the opportunity’s obviously not there next …
Steve: Right. Just move on. That’s the thing because you’re not going to get along with every single top producer out there. You’re not. People have relationships. It doesn’t mean that you write them off or you don’t follow up with them.
It’s just there comes a point where you’re going to have to realize that not everybody’s going to do business with you so you’ve just got to move on and stop trying to sell yourself for example, to somebody that’s never going to buy from you.
Tyler: Right.
Steve: That’s never going to refer to you. This is going to be surprising to a lot of you that maybe know me that are listening to this or watching, but there’s some people that don’t like me. It’s freaking weird. Did you just raise your hand?
Tyler: I don’t know what you’re talking about.
Steve: Tyler just raised his hand. Tyler, are you awake? Wake up, Tyler? Dude. That’s why we started without you, bro. No, but seriously, people don’t like me. I mean, some will like me. Some won’t like me. So what? Next.
You’ve got to make your list, check it twice, go through and then identify not like this, because Casey had one last week that she called. The lady was like, “I’m just busy. I don’t have time.” Hang up.
I was like, “Call her back.” Right? That’s not like, we’re never going to do business. They don’t like it. You never had an opportunity. The average salesperson, we’ll talk about this in our Leads podcast, which is coming up. The average salesperson doesn’t even follow up with a lead or a prospect or a realtor. They make a Dream 100 list and never call them, right Colorado Springs Mortgage?
Tyler: Right.
Steve: I mean, like a large percentage, something like 50% of all people don’t even make one. We get to like the third or fourth contact, it goes really far. What’s funny about it is that it’s the fifth to the twelfth contact that most sales happen. I told Casey, call her again. Guess what she did? She called her the next week and got the appointment. Now, she’s meeting with her.
Then, she can determine whether or not that’s a good fit, but it isn’t like, “She blew me off. I’m never going to call her again.” I just signed up with a system that the guy has called and emailed me no less than 20 times. You know what I told him yesterday, Tyler? I respect the follow-up because it’s a good system. I just wasn’t ready.
Tyler: Right.
Steve: Colorado Springs Mortgage  A lot of people stop after like, “I’m not ready.” They just stop. Then, three weeks go by. I’m like, “Maybe I’m ready to do that.” I’m not going to call them. I don’t know who they are. I’m not following up with them. They followed up with me and therefore, so I bought.
Your Dream 100 list, to recap, needs to be a list of people that are top producers, not bottom producers. Then, you need to be consistent with your follow-up. You need to follow-up with them until they … What, cry?
Tyler: Buy or die.
Steve: Cry, buy or die. Just keep calling them until they tell you to go away. Then, call them again, two more times after that.
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