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Hello and welcome to the total lending Concepts Mortgage Show the beginning section 16.9, if you want to get national average, is a mortgage rates. The same information is published every week in your newspaper, then log on to Freddie Mac’s website at www., Freddie, Mac.. Here’S where Freddy publishes It’s weekly National Mortgage survey that can popeil’s the average 30-year and 15-year fixed mortgage rates for different parts of the country. Can compare. Your current rate quotes with interest rate averages found in your area. All this isn’t as good as getting real-time mortgage Bond pricing. You can at least see if the quotes you’ve been getting are in the ballpark. Remember that this is a weekly survey, Colorado Springs Mortgages not alive quote. So. Keep that in mind when comparing your rate with the regional average bear this in mind when thinking about a toast mortgage for Freddie Mac and Fannie May have excellent websites for home buyers. They won’t quote you mortgage rates because they’re, not mortgage lenders, but they do have a wealth of information about their respective loan programs. Section 16.10. Can I track my loan approval online. That depends on whether your lender has the type of system that lets you do that, if a lender or mortgage broker has the ability to let you track the status of your loan application, then you’ll know what the beginning of your loan process keep this in mind. When thinking about a Tulsa mortgage, you also choose a username and password to use when you log on. There are very the variations on this team, Colorado Springs Mortgages but in practice most systems allow you to log onto your lenders website type in your loan number password and see your status report on where your loan is in the approval process and what has or hasn’t been done. Be careful here on two points.

First, lenders do a lot of stuff in the background is considered part of the loan process. I order flood certificates and taxed certifications that you won’t necessarily know when and whether they do all loans have to have a certificate stating whether your house lies in a flood zone. Think about this when looking for Tulsa mortgages, that’s pretty important information fair enough, but it’s not necessary for you to ask your loan officer if they ordered your flood cert. All that being said on my status online status systems won’t reflect absolutely everything. That’S in your loan process just expect to see the Big E’s in your file, such as appraisal, work being done, approvals issued loan papers drawn and so on. Second, Colorado Springs Mortgages if you log onto a loan status site and see that some things haven’t done yet, don’t panic think about this one looking for it also mortgage there will be times when a lender simply makes mistake and forgets to order your appraisal, but things have to happen In order, for example, most lenders don’t like to order appraisals until the inspection has been completed. After all, there’s no sense in ordering an appraisal for a property where the roof is falling in. If you log onto the status website and something’s, not checked, make sure it’s a situation of their not being time to perform particular lung function rather than someone having forgotten about your deal all together this moment. Thinking about, I told some mortgage on a similar level. There are web-based applications called transaction Management Systems. Colorado Springs Mortgages These in turn, applications are usually separate from A lender software that can be accessed by not just delivering customer, but also by the title, companies and settlement agents. Here you can log onto our website type in your code and see a more extensive list of process items and their status. Such systems are designed to assist the real estate agent lender and Title Company communicate more easily on a loan transaction when the lender wants to order an appraisal and title report, the lender, logs onto the site, uploads our property and borrow or information, and all the various Orders are placed at once, but one single type, then, as the other parties in the transaction complete their work they to return to the website and upload their work and a check is marked next to their name, showing as completed think about this one. Looking for a Tulsa mortgage, there are other TMS applications designed for the real estate agent that help tractor closings and check status of their files. There is now an application that combines a multiple listing service and a TMS same time.

Think about this one, looking for it till some mortgage now, when an agent listen home and offer is accepted on the property. The sales contract is sent to the title agency in the lender automatically. At this point, the lender can forward the contract directly to the appraiser, while at the same time ordering a title report when the appraisal is complete. It sent as an electronic attachment to the lender. Think about this. When looking for Tulsa mortgages, the customer can log on to it a special site, the track status of his loan application tracks, various documents floating through the system. It’S my appraisal in check. If my loan approved check, can I view my closing papers check. These systems are widely available and not all MLS systems have this feature, in fact, all this. As of this writing, there was only one in the last two had also at EMS embedded in the program section 16.11. What are some good websites? Consumers can use to help them they’re, probably thousands of them really. Your own real estate agent site should be chocked full of consumer information. Colorado Springs Mortgages Besides Fannie and Freddie sites, which I already mentioned, let’s review some of the websites that provide useful home loan information., Also trying to sell you something. Keep this in mind when thinking about a Tulsa mortgage This is the official website for the National Association of Realtors and is a good place to start looking for a home. If you have no idea where to start here, you can type in your desired location. How much you want to pay, and so on can also find a list of Realtors. If you don’t have one yet think about this, when looking for a Tulsa mortgage, you can find a lender or a mover and pick up some handy consumer information about home buying. Www.Hud.Gov, this is a big site owned and paid for, but with taxpayer dollars, which gives you all you need to know about. Fha Loans buying selling, only renting you name it, it’s very consumer-friendly and a nice starting place if you’re thinking of getting an FHA mortgage loan. Consider this one looking for a Tulsa mortgage next is www. Home builder. Com. This is the official website of the National Association of homebuilders. Very much like the site at ww.w.. Realtor.Com show me list new homes and homes that are construction. You can view a new homes by location and price range, as well as look at new homes and Home Plans online. You need names for a builder. You can find that list here at this as well on their site. Colorado Springs Mortgages Think about this one. Looking for a Tulsa mortgage can also look at This is the website for VA loans as a lot of information on VA loans and how to qualify for them, along with some forms at for qualified veterans, ones that they might need. This section is actually a subset of the Department of Veterans Affairs, but there is a direct link from the main page to the home loan section.

Think about this. When looking forward till some mortgage also look at, which is for sale by owner fizbo, is what this is called. Fizbo homes are listed here from all parts of the country, there’s a place for homes that never make it to an MLs or people want to save some real estate commission sell the home themselves. Another one is www Realty is consumer site is chocked full of Articles and tips written by industry experts on everything from how to clean up your credit to what’s happening in Washington DC on mortgages, there’s also a site specifically for real estate agents. That’S www agent, another resource is site is owned by Fair Isaac Corporation. The company that developed the FICO score. It has information on credit, credit scores on credit reports, even though consumers are allowed to get one free credit report per year. There may be times when you need a second one think about this one, looking for it till some mortgage also rev Mort. Colorado Springs Mortgages If you’re considering a reverse mortgage, you need to start. This site explains reverse mortgages and home-equity conversion mortgage is or how comes and offers commentary and consumer tips from the AARP last is This is the site for the Better Business Bureau. You can type in the company’s business name its website or telephone number in the Better Business Bureau research records to see if there’s any information, a complaint on that company. All this isn’t foolproof a scam artist can still be a scam artist, whether or not there’s a BBB complaint on the file. It’S a good starting point. Think about this one. Looking for Tulsa mortgages,