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Hello and thank you for joining the TLC Mortgage Show we begin with a mortgage 101 type dive into mortgages. Specifically, this will be helpful.. Looking for a Tulsa mortgage mortgages, 101, it’s been a very successful book and I’m proud to write the second edition. Since it was first published in 2004, the mortgage industry has been through a sea change. This book gives you a complete and up-to-date information in language. You can understand, and it’s packed with secrets to make the mortgage process piece of cake Emerald secrets in this book that will save you, thousands of dollars, Secrets you’ll, find nowhere else. Why? Because I’ve been in the mortgage, business is a senior loan officer for nearly 20 years and run my own mortgage operation. Colorado Springs Mortgages I personally Place more than 2,000 mortgage loans and I supervise the production of even more for all types of people, properties in circumstances and States from Florida to California. I started my career in the mortgage. Lending is a mortgage broker in San. Diego then became a mortgage Banker 1995. I’Ve seen it all, and I must admit that we lenders have made getting loan the most confusing process I’ll be off of everyone in the business. I must humbly apologize even season the borrowers get frustrated, some call it. The mortgage maze – hopefully that’s not the case when you’re looking for a Tulsa mortgage, other remarks not fit to print. The fact is getting a home loan, it’s not fun. I’M sure there are lots of things. You’D, rather do than sit in a lender’s office, filling out a loan application with no fewer than 340 boxes to fill in pay your money and wait for your anointed approval. Colorado Springs Mortgages We are aware of this and we know you’re thinking about a toast mortgage, but it doesn’t have to be like that anymore technology has changed everything and it’s made the lending process easier much easier. Today. The process is also faster and I daresay even fun, but only if you know what to do before you do it. There are several books available in mortgage lending, but this is the only book you’ll ever find that’s written by loan officer who is seen the mortgage business business develop over the last two decades and he places mortgage loans for real people in the real world. Using the newest technology, this book gives you an inside look at how different mortgages work, while at the same time giving you tips. You won’t find anywhere else on how to get the best mortgage available to you and to get a cheaper. Colorado Springs Mortgages There been many remarkable advances in home lending recently, but few borrowers know about them. Did you know that loans can close in a matter of days not months?

You know that you can save money on closing costs with Messy. It’S not available just a few years ago. Think about this one, looking for a Tulsa mortgage, you know you don’t have to have a downpayment to get a home loan. Did you know that you can get a loan with a bankruptcy? Did you know that you can borrow closing cost and probably not this book? Will tell you how it’s done take the worry out of the process and perhaps make the experience of finding a home loan fun. Think about this. I’M looking forward to list mortgage when I first started in this business. It was a real task, took loads of work on the part about the lender in the bar or just get the loan I vacation even to be considered and those days, Colorado Springs Mortgages a fax machine was still a bizarre technological Advance, not a business staple. Really. How could a machine scan something and send it over the telephone lines and those days getting eligibility certificate for a VA? Loan could take years? Okay, not yours, but you get the point. However, only property in these United States take someone special meeting, see nowhere else in the world, United States was built on property ownership, homeownership yield certain rights and privileges that cannot be obtained simply by paying someone else, rent money to let you live in their home for A while think about this, when looking for a Tulsa mortgage, a person’s home, is a castle, a homestead you own, a status of homeownership hasn’t changed, yet the process of buying a home has and all to your benefit. When you know how Home Loans are made, you can actually have a good time applying for a loan, but you have to know the right path. There are tons of details involved in getting a home loan, but this book will definitely identify the details.

That matter and tell you which ones you can’t ignore and which ones you can you will learn how to turn a mortgage maze into your lunch at the favorite restaurant. Best of all, you will have fun with this book and who knows, you may even share mortgage jokes with your friends later at the water cooler. Maybe that’s a stretch. At least you won’t be griping about your home. Instead, you’ll have a big old, grin on your face, Maybe think about this. When looking for a Tulsa mortgage beginning with mortgage fundamentals, there’s a lot more to buying a home, then just picking one out and moving in. If you don’t have a lot of cash, stuffed in your sofa cushions chances are you’ll need. A mortgage. Mortgage lending has been around for a long long time and some things haven’t changed, while other parts of the mortgage process are brand-new. Knowing what you’re getting into can help you make the right decisions, section: 1.1: what’s the difference between buying and renting one way, your own one way you own the roof over your head and the other way you don’t if you’ve always rented or otherwise, never owned a Home one of the things you’ll discover is that when things go wrong with your house and the landlord to yell out, but there’s no superintendent to come, fix your leaky faucet either. If your hot water heater is busted you’re, the one who has to make the trip to your appliance store to Shell out, another thousand bucks yourself just so you can take a hot shower in the morning. Keep this in mind when thinking about it, Tulsa mortgage. When your rent, you can pretty much walk away as long as your lease agreement has been fulfilled, Colorado Springs Mortgages want to change of scenery, pack up and move across town on a swimming pool and fitness center without the hassle of owning either rent want new carpet and drapes every Year, rent once your utility bills paid rent free cable. Did you get the point? Renting, has its perks, much less responsibilities and no hassles of ownership, section 1.2? How do I know if it’s better to buy a home or continue renting wraps one of the easiest ways to determine if it’s better, to buy or rent to sit down and calculate the financial advantages of owning versus renting? This is commonly done online with a rent versus buy calculator found on the web. These calculators compare your current or probable rent situation with a projected home ownership number for easy to find. I ran a Google search for the term Mortgage in calculator and retrieved 6.1 million websites that had the those two terms in combination. Colorado Springs Mortgages Here’S the kicker, though, that these calculators will barely tell you know it’s not a good idea to buy. That’S because of the tax benefits of homeownership. The interest in property taxes associated with a mortgage are generally tax deductible. You can’t you can deduct them from your gross income when you file your taxes with rent, you can’t yeah.

I know your renter, you don’t pay property taxes on mortgage payments. Did you give the money to someone else for the privilege of living there, but you can’t write off your rent. It’S just that rent when my rent versus buy calculator suggest it’s better to rent when you intend to own your next home for only a year or so. Buying a home incurs other expenses, such as money for the down payment, property taxes and Hazard insurance, which is much higher than a renter’s policy. Many apartment complexes pay your electric bills, along with your water and other utilities. When you own, you pay all these expenses. Only home with all of its tax benefits doesn’t outweigh the acquisition cost to buy the home if you’re only going to own it for a short period. Short-Term rent longer-term by are your rent payments the same or less than what a mortgage payment would be pampered where you live. They may be the same specially if interest rates are relatively low, so you’re renting a nice 3000 square, foot 3 bedroom home close to schools in a friendly neighborhood. You might be paying ,800 each month and rent a similar three-bedroom home might cost ,000. He put 5 % down by the Home. Your monthly house payment, including taxes and insurance, would be close to ,200, using a 30-year fixed rate at 7 %. Colorado Springs Mortgages Rent payments in the area in which you want to buy or near what a mortgage payment would be. It make sense to buy if you can save per month, music to write off the mortgage interest in property taxes, and it’s truly a no-brainer. Certainly keep this in mind when thinking about a Tulsa mortgage. Another reason to buy is generally better. Another reason buying is generally better than renting is simply a matter of appreciation and Equity when your rent and property values increase, your landlord will probably raise your rent again and, of course, it’s time you make a rent payment, you’re, not increasing your equity in anything you’re. Just helping your landlord increase, his stake in your house or apartment keep, keep this in mind when thinking about posting mortgages.