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Welcome to the TLC Morgan show please pick up and section 6.7. What’S the minimum credit score, I need to qualify for a mortgage loan that depends upon that Loan program, but credit scores, don’t approve or decline. Anyone lenders may have the minimum credit score requirements for Paducah loan programs, but you’re not automatically turn down solely because of your score. Don’T forget, Colorado Springs Mortgages just having a low credit score doesn’t mean you can’t get approved. On the contrary, government loan such as VA and FHA Loans. Don’T have minimum credit score requirements nor do most conventional loans. This is good to keep in mind when looking for a Colorado Springs mortgage. I’Ve spoken with countless customers who either didn’t buy a home or put it off for a long time, because when they got their credit scores, they took it upon themselves to decline and didn’t even apply for a loan. Similarly, people don’t apply for the mortgage. They want because they think their debt ratios are too high. A recent customer called me wanted to apply for a mortgage, but he knew his credit. Wasn’t all that great hide that load a couple of late payments and not much available credit. He was right. The score was a low 581, unfortunately, for many people once they see a score, Colorado Springs Mortgages they consider low they give up without ever trying the guy. With the 581 score you got approved for the best rate available for ,000 loan. He had some other factors that offset the low credit score mostly have to down payment, but the point is that he got approved. Keep this in mind when you’re looking for a Colorado Springs mortgage. What, if my section 6.8? What, if my lender told me I couldn’t qualify, Colorado Springs Mortgages because my credit score was too low. Leonard typically won’t approve or decline you solely on the basis of a number hair salons that there are some loans that do require minimum credit score and those scores are set by the lender. Usually such loans are conventional mortgages or government back mortgages. Unlimited skin establish almost any criteria they desire as long as they don’t discriminate. In doing so, lenders decide to offer better pricing to someone with an 800 credit score.

They have every right to do so if they have a loan program that requires little or no documentation. They might also offset the risk of no documentation with a credit score and so on. If your lender said you couldn’t qualify because it was Cora was most likely due to the fact that loan you applied for had some special characteristics that conventional loans didn’t have. In these cases, a loan officer will typically ask for an exception to loan guidelines and get you approved anyways. What exactly is an exception? Let’S say a special Loan program you want has a minimum credit score of 760. Your score is 740 stead of calling you up and giving you the bad news. Your lender will ask for compensating factors to be used to override the 760 credit score requirement. You will then be asked to bolster your case for the underwriting Exception by providing documented details about other facets of your financial life. Have a lot of money left in the bank after your loan closing? Are you up early mobile with higher earnings ahead? Do you have a good down payment rather than just the minimum required? Have you seen you been in the same line of work for a long period of time such compensating factors are used when a loan officer send your loan, for an exception, request to override a credit score requirement. Colorado Springs Mortgages Keep this in mind when looking for a Colorado Springs mortgage, you will find that loan with credit score minimums are often Niche loans, such as some loans for first-time home buyers, loan 0 0 money down river loans that require little or no documentation to get approved. Section 6.9: how do I know how much to charge and how much to pay off the secret formula appears to be 30 %. Keep your minimum monthly credit balance is around 30 % of their limits is ,000. Your limit keep a ,000 balance. Colorado Springs Mortgages This percentage seems to work best. Yes, you need to charge things on credit and pay them back, but keep a balance charge. Nothing you’ll, never establish a payment history charge it all. You’Re approaching your credit limits, hurting your score. Keep this in mind when applying for a Colorado Springs mortgage, the 30 % level is sometimes looked at differently from the perspective of available credit, instead of your credit limit.

But with the same result available credit is just another way of saying that your credit balances are 30 % of your limits, which means that you have 70 % of your outstanding credit lines available to you, credit scores attempt to take a snapshot of a recent two-year Period and factor in all your various payment patterns to get a true picture of your credit Behavior, don’t expect you can get any significant change in your credit score by paying off for paying down your credit balances, it would only be effective if you did so routinely Over a period of time, which would more accurately reflect your credit habits, but don’t pay everything down to 30 % of your credit lines and expect a change in your score of the next day, section 6.10. What else affects my credit score? Good question would apply for Colorado, Springs mortgages, your payment history and amounts owed of the biggest factors of other items can affect your score as well. One of the more common scoring items people see is number of credit increase. Colorado Springs Mortgages The scoring Factor takes into account how many times you’ve applied for credit over the past couple of years. Lots of credit inquiries Kamina, for whatever reason you need to establish new credit lines. You don’t have enough money to buy what you wanted to to buy. So you put it on credit. Lots of recent credit accounts might also indicate a potential for default. A person with a high debt load and lots of credit payments is at greater risk than someone with fewer accounts. Another factor is the type of credit you’ve opened real estate accounts mortgages have a more positive impact on your credit score than credit from a department store for the more credit accounts from Consumer Finance agencies that loan smaller amounts of money at higher interest rates can have A negative effect on your score: section. 6.11: how can I increase my available credit without opening up new accounts? You can’t, but you can ask for an increase in credit limits. Perhaps one of your credit lenders will raise its maximum limit credit limit for you. Colorado Springs Mortgages So at the very start, you might contact your credit provider and ask to have your credit line increased,

but on the whole, without opening up new accounts, it’s really impossible to increase available credit without increasing both increase and the number of new credit accounts. New credit card accounts can hit your credit score and a bad way. If you do you open up new lines of credit may be to your advantage to leave them alone for at least a year to let the account season and begin to work in your work. In your favor, this is a good thing to keep in mind when looking for Colorado Springs, mortgages doesn’t make sense to open up tradelines to increase available credit increase. Your available credit only works on existing accounts with relatively low balances, and it works even more in your favor if you’ve had the account for several years. If there’s a trick to this double edged sword, it would be to identify two or three oldest credit card accounts and pay. Those Balance is down to about one-third of your available credit line. Section 6.12 I’ve applied at more than one mortgage company. Colorado Springs Mortgages Will all those credit increase hurt my score not have to incur easier for the same mortgage and inquiry occurs when someone or some business inquires about your credit by contacting credit bureaus, let’s define what is and is not the credit inquiry versus reports that you request yourself To check your credit are not counted as inquiry. For instance, you apply for Automobile Financing with your credit union, but also at the dealer check your credit to see if you qualify for financing. This is good to keep in mind when looking for a Colorado Springs mortgage. This will be read as an individual and Corey not to the same applies to mortgages, apply for a mortgage at more than one place, because you’re shopping for mortgage won’t be viewed as multiple inquiries as long as it’s the same loan and within a reasonable timeframe, say Within the past month or two mortgage inquiry for a home improvement loan 2 years ago and for a refinance last month will be viewed as two separate inquiries because they’re not the same loan and they’re far apart in terms of time, keep this in mind when looking For a Colorado Springs mortgage