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Tyler: No.
Steve: We owe Colorado Springs Mortgage — this happened — you might — I don’t know if I remember them, you might remember them. We had a couple that had messed up credit and a during the process of them getting their loan, where they were going through credit repair and they were in contract on a house building a house and they thought, “Well, since we’re going through credit repair they’re just going to clean up all our relates.” They just started not making payments on stuff. They started it like a — while they’re building a house they started like a 580 credit score and they end when it’s time for them to buy the house to actually close they’re like a 550 because guess what, dude got nine student loans he didn’t pay for eight months while he’s building his house. And he was like, he was mad at me, at Why are you mad at me? You’re the one that well, “I was going through that credit repair I thought it’d fix it.” It’s not that you can just abandon everything that you know and everything anybody’s told you, so that — like you’re never going to use your credit anymore, right. You’re going to have to use it, so just make sure that while you’re in like do smart things Tyler like make your mortgage payment on time. We just had a customer the other day that they were doing a refinance and [intelligible 08:16] funding on the 31. Do you remember this?
Tyler: Yes Colorado Springs Mortgage.
Steve: [intelligible 08:21] funding. And they’re like, “Well, I really need the payoff to get wired to my current lender today.” I’m like, “Okay well, we can do that but I can’t guarantee it. What’s the deal? Why?” “Well, I haven’t made my payment for October.” “What? Was it due till the 15th? No it wasn’t it, was due on the first of October. It’s October 31st, it’s been 30 days since it was due. There’s 31 days this month. We’ll get your payoff to your lender.” And we did but you know they’re basically starting their new loan and they’re probably going to have a 30 day late on a mortgage last month, 740 credit score, good credit, not anymore. You know how long it takes for a mortgage rate to — It’s not going to ever disappear.
Tyler: No.
Steve: I guarantee you, the score on that is going to drop 875, 80 points. She’ll be in the mid 600s when it’s all said and done. Listen here’s a lesson, it’s just don’t abandon your credit and what you are — you know you’re supposed to be doing just because you made that benchmark. “Well I finally got the financing for that car that I wanted, I finally got the financing for that house that I wanted. Now can I just go back to being irresponsible, Tyler? Can I? Will that be all right?”
Tyler: You should be more responsible once you get that stuff.
Steve: Yes Colorado Springs Mortgage.
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Steve: That was hot.
Tyler: That was.
Steve: That one man that — for the people watching live on Facebook, you didn’t have to hear that sound bite that’s in there. I haven’t played this in a while so, I think it’s fitting so, even though you’ve been doing good this morning Tyler.
Recording: Tyler are you awake? Wake up Tyler.
Steve: We have a sound bite for everybody that’s watching on Facebook, that says — it’s like tap on the mic, “Tyler are you awake? Wake up Tyler.” And I told him, when we record these things, it’s 6:30, 7 in the morning, and if you know Tyler, that’s not like a great thing for him. Hey Eric [unintelligible 00:10:40] is watching from the bathroom. Hey man, it’s [unintelligible 00:10:44] Anyway, we play the “Wake up, Tyler.
Recording: Tyler are you awake? Wake up Tyler Colorado Springs Mortgage.
Steve: We play the “Wake-up Tyler.” Tyler what are we not covering on that? What do you think?
Tyler: It’s pretty much in it, if you mess it up, get it fixed, you probably can’t fix it on your own.
Steve: Here is the thing, if you have done this, if this is you, and you are like, “Hey man, I already did it. I already upped my mortgage. I quit paying some stuff. I’ve messed my credit up again. I need help.” It’s not going to hurt our feelings, just call us. Go to go to,, heck go to [unintelligible 00:11:33]. It all goes to the same place. You can get the help that’s needed from a professional that knows what they are doing. Don’t stick your head in the sand and say, “Oh I’ve messed up.” And ignore it because the problem’s not going to go away. Most likely if you’ve done something like that you need some professional help. Just don’t be afraid to get that professional help that you need. Because, I know this is hard to believe if you know me, but I’m a professional. That’s right. In our Facebook we’re playing some lyrical music, too bad you guys are missing out. Here is the lesson, here is our recap right here, Tyler. I bought a house, I messed up my credit. Am I going to have to requalify? The answer is yes. If you have done it, it’s not the end of the world, it’s just not. Just make sure you call an experienced mortgage banker like Steve and Tyler and we’ll help you through it, we’ll walk you through it, we’ll figure it out, we’ll figure out what you messed up, we’ll get it fixed, we aren’t scared. Is that right?
Tyler: Word Colorado Springs Mortgage.
Steve: And I want everybody to know that the next time we podcast, I hope Tyler will have the, this is going to date the podcast, but Tyler will have the iPhone7. It is ship — we think it’s shipping right?
Tyler: Sometime, no it hasn’t left yet. It’s still in a box somewhere.
Steve: Tyler orders his iPhone7, what a couple of weeks ago?
Tyler: Yes.
Steve: Right, then goes out of town for a few days, and while he’s out of town I just walked in and got one. It’s always like, checking the status of this iPhone7 and I’m like, “Dude, just walk in and buy one.” Well [unintelligible 00:13:24] is apparently shipping it so I don’t know what lesson is there but the lesson is, if you messed your credit up, call us so we can fix it and-
Tyler: Don’t use [unintelligible 00:13:35].
Steve: Don’t use [unintelligible 00:13:37] To get an iPhone7, That’s all we got for this episode of the Steve and Tyler show and I hope you enjoyed it. If you have questions don’t forget to go to stevecurrington.rock,,, [unintelligible 00:13:53], go to, find us online, you can find our podcast, well you probably found our podcast on one of those places but be sure and share it with your people if you’re watching on Facebook live, share this. We need people to know that we are awesome and that’s how we got. The koala’s out Colorado Springs Mortgage.
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