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Colorado Springs Mortgage Steve Currington: This is Steve and The Steve N’ Tyler Show Episode No. 80.
Narrator: Welcome to the Steve N’ Tyler show, with Steve and Tyler Whyburn.
Steve: Who negotiated the contract for you?
Tyler Whyburn: A realtor.
Steve: Oh, you’re pretty smart.
Tyler: Yes.
Steve: Good for you man Colorado Springs Mortgage
Narrator: They are talking about everything you need to know about mortgages, home loans and more. Nobody knows mortgages like these two. Get ready because here’s Steve and Tyler.
Steve: What up Tyler?
Tyler: What’s up?
Steve: What’s up dude? How are you doing bro?
Tyler: I’m doing good, got to come over and show you something real quick.
Steve: Tyler’s going to show me something. Listen, in studio we are doing showing of something. Show me the microphone, show me the money. We are talking about today construction loans and home approval loans is what we are talking about right? Is that going to be our story?
Tyler: Yes.
Steve: Oh, Tyler’s making sure that I am focused on the actual topic. Good job. We are talking about construction loans, but we are really talking about– Some people asked, why do I want to build a house, or I can just go buy one? I can just go buy a house, why do I need to go through the whole construction process? What do you think Tyler?
Tyler: It’s what you want. I mean really. I did the whole, I’m going to remodel the house, I would rather build the house, but when it’s already done, but that was a lesson learnt.
Steve: Because you are remodeling and [laughs] now you don’t like it?
Tyler: Yes, it’s a pain.
Steve: Tyler bought a house, got a really good deal on it, and then he’s been– What you’ve been there for four years now, three years?
Tyler: Three Colorado Springs Mortgage
Steve: And, he’s still working on it. It’s a work in progress, so there’s a lot of updating to do, lots of updating to do, right?
Tyler: Yes.
Steve: Lots of updating to do.
Tyler: Four two ceiling every square foot.
Steve: Wow, and Tyler is a handy man like Steve Currington. I’m going to explain that. Because this is how Steve and Tyler are very much alike. You listen to this, this will be some good insight for you.
For anybody that’s here, anybody that’s listening, anybody that might be in the studio listening, anybody that might be on Facebook watching even though I’m not live, but for those of you listening, the similarities between and here you go.
I start a lot of stuff when it comes to handyman stuff around, but I don’t necessarily finish it. [laughs] Tyler would you agree?
Tyler: Yes.
Steve: Because I kind of get to the point where I just lose interest. Let me tell you our little car place, right? Because we do some cars, and we were trying to decide if we are going to take these walls out because the landlord really kind of agreed, he just knocked these walls out for us.
And, we were trying to decide, and actually Chris was over weekend at the car place, and we were scrapping stuff up and kind of cleaning it up and we were like, “Do we need to take these walls out?”
So, I just took the scrapper, I just knocked a hole in the wall, because I was just like, “Well, we’re going to take them down now.” We went ahead and literally took half of a wall down, and then left, and then guess what?
Today, go in there and half the wall is taken down and that’s where it’s at, and it’s like, “Dude, why did you even do that?” The point in saying all this is, you can build a house, or you can buy a house and remodel, but make sure you have a plan, because if you don’t, you might be frustrated.
Luckily, Tyler makes lots of money closing loans, and he can pay somebody to come in there and fix up his house because that’s what he is doing. Would you agree that’s maybe one of the ways that we are similar?
Tyler: Yes.
Steve: Listen, everybody in their professional life, they have this little what you call imperfection or shortcoming in their personal life, right?. If you look at Tyler’s email, if I look at his inbox at the end of the day, he’s got a zero inbox. You know what a zero inbox is?
That means he’s like it’s done, there’s nothing in his inbox that’s outstanding, that needs to be handled. He is very organized, we have a system and everything, but when it comes to remodeling the house maybe not so much.
Tyler: I get there eventually.
Steve: Maybe.
Tyler: Piece by piece Colorado Springs Mortgage.
Steve: If you are somebody that wants to control every single aspect of how your house looks and you can– Because there’s also in the same token, there’s people that are super crazy organized at home, not at work.
Tyler: No.
Steve: If you are that person that can handle that, you want to build … That’s who builds a house. I want my wall here, I want a design, I want this many square feet, I want two storeys’, I want the house to be this shape. I want this wall, this paint color, this whatever Colorado Springs Mortgage.
Then maybe you want to be build a house, be aware even if you do, depending on how you do it, if you go to one of those cookie cutter builders you don’t necessarily just have a blank slate, or a clean canvas to just go build a house.
They’ve got fore plans you’ve got to buy. Otherwise you’re going to pay an architect to design you a house literally, to literally do the plans and build a house, right Tyler?
Tyler: Yes Colorado Springs Mortgage.
Steve: That can get expensive. There is a guy down in Edmond. Do you remember this, it was on the news a couple of years ago. He had plans done for the largest single family residence in the United States, something like 96,000 square feet.
We just went to the modelling mansion this last weekend up in Ponca City, Oklahoma and this oil tycoon from the 1900 built a 47,000 square foot house, and