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Transcription: Colorado Springs Mortgage

Tyler: One too many times.
Steve: Yes. What this is designed to do, is to get the full-blown loan approval out of the way up front, so that there’s no questions. In fact, we’ve got a guy that’s here at Tribe-fifteen that we did this exact thing. And he was already approved. Everything was done, before we Colorado Springs Mortgage even got his purchase contract. So, when we get a purchase contract, we order title, we order appraisal and we resubmit it to underwriting to get the updated contract. We prepare their loan disclosures, they sign them, we lock the loan, appraisal comes in, we’re done.
That’s one of the ways that we get to the closing faster, and how we’re able to guarantee that 21-day closing. Now, if there’s an appraisal issue, if there’s a title issue, if there’s repairs on the property, if there’s things like that that are outside of our control, obviously, you can understand we can’t guarantee 21-days if we don’t have title. We can’t guarantee that if there’s an issue with the appraisal. If there’s an issue with the seller. Title work. That kind of thing. We just can’t control. So you understand that. But barring anything like that, we’re going to close in three weeks.
What this is designed to do Tyler, is to get you to your commission faster. Because I get paid when I close loans. I’m assuming you get paid when you sell houses. Right? So, I’m trying to get you your commission faster. This is — most buyers don’t know how long it takes to close on a house. This is really designed for you the realtor, with you in mind to make sure that you get your commission faster. Our focus is just on urgency setting it, getting a sense of urgency to get things done, and get them through quickly. Does that make sense?
Tyler: Yes.
Steve: Cool. Do you have any listings?
Tyler: Several. Yes I do.
Steve: The other thing we do, it’s kind of neat. We have a system called, ” Listing Booster.” It does Colorado Springs Mortgage exactly what it says. It boost your listings. It’s a really easy system, it’s a really easy process. I have an entire podcast dedicated to how the whole system works, but I’ll kind of give you the flyby on what listing booster is. Basically, once we set it up, listing booster grabs your listings as you enter them into your MLS system.
And it creates a personal website forum, it creates a craigslist ad, a home tour, it creates– there’s a text code that we create with a sign writer that goes on the house, so anytime you may text in for information we both get that information. It stitches all your pictures together and does a 360 virtual tour, that when people watch it they have to register to do it. I mean, I’m missing some of the stuff that it does but if you’re interested in it, it’s a pretty good system, it cost us about 197 bucks a month, but I kind of have 100 realtors on it.
For respite compliance, you’ve got to pay. It costs you about 11 to 14 bucks a year. I think that’s what it Colorado Springs Mortgage is. It’s pretty easy. I can — this afternoon when I get back to the office I can have my assistant call you, or I can call you, and get it all setup, and it’s easy. Super inexpensive. I have lots of realtors that work on it. There’s very little work that needs to be done. It makes you like a Facebook ad that you can use for social media. Like I said, Craigslist. I’ve got one agent that does Craigslist ad every day, on every one of her listings. It prepares that for you, so you have to go do a couple things, and then get into there. So, it’s a really good system, and it’s fairly inexpensive.
Look, our thing with this is just systematizing it. It’s just making it where it’s a no brainer easy. That’s what Colorado Springs Mortgage this is designed to do. When you’re going to your next listing appointment and you have now listing booster in your arsenal, it’s a great sales tool when you’re meeting with the seller. Because, number one complaint we get –well, one of the number one complaints we get from buyers, is they called the sign, right? They called the listing agent on the phone and what happens?
Tyler: No answer. At all.
Steve: Did they call back?
Tyler: No.
Steve: No. I talked to an agent yesterday and she said she sells houses only by answering the phone on her listings. Because, in every time she gets a call, someone will say, she’s the fourth or fifth realtor that she’s called on the listing, and they didn’t answer the phone. And they didn’t call back. If I’m an agent like you, I want to tell my seller, “Hey, I have a little sign writer that’s going to go on where people can text in. And I have a Facebook ad that goes up, and I have a virtual tour, that goes up, and I have a personal website for you, and I have all this.” I work with the lender every single time someone inquires about your property we’re both calling them.
That’s going to help it gets sold faster. That’s one of the benefits. Very inexpensive, it’s systematized, less work to be done. We’ve got someone at the office that is an expert at it, and they can get it all setup. Okay. If you’re interested in that, when we get done here I’ll just make sure we get connected with you, and get that done. The other thing, our Colorado Springs Mortgage experience. You don’t know a lot about our company but, just to kind of give you an idea. What I would call just our executive team from present CEO down to maybe even just our secondary. We were laughing about it the other day because it’s kind of unfortunate how long we’ve all put in the business, so we have a lot of experience, people that know how to get loans closed. We’re not just a fly by company we haven’t been around for 25 years by any means