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Transcription: Colorado Springs Mortgage

I’ve had meetings with realtors because I won’t leave them alone. Because they’re like, “Oh my God, if I don’t meet with this guy, he’s not going away”. Right? If you want to meet with a realtor, if you want to do business with them, why would you call them and when they shut you down at the very first call, you just go, tuck your tail between your legs, give up and move on down the road? That doesn’t sound like a salesperson to me, does it to you, Tyler?
Tyler: No, not at all.
Steve: There’s a sale statistic that I like to use. They say, most Colorado Springs Mortgage statistics are made up on the spot, so maybe this one is, too. But something like- What is it, Tyler?- between one and four contacts is where 80% of all salespeople give up. They stop. One to four. Most of them don’t even make the first phone call. They don’t even follow up with the prospect, period. But we’re talking about setting appointments with realtors.
If most people give up at four- did you know that 80% of all sales happen between the fifth and the 12th contact? So, get shut down about seven, or eight, or nine, or ten times and just keep going, that’s the key. What else are we talking about today, we’re talking about, “I’m a client, and I’ve maybe filled out a form on a website, I’ve done something like that, and I might want a mortgage, but some other guy got to me first or was referred by an agent and I already have a pre-approval, right?
Tyler: Right.
Steve: You’re going to be the nasty, disgusting jerk of a client that doesn’t want me to do their loan. Right?
Tyler: I’ll be that guy.
Steve: Yeah! Okay, Tyler’s going to be that guy. All right, Tyler. “Ring-ring.”
Tyler: Hello.
Steve: Tyler?
Tyler: Yes.
Steve: Hey, it’s Steve Currington.
Tyler: Hi.
Steve: How’s it going?
Tyler: All right.
Steve: Hey, listen, I know you don’t know me, but the reason Colorado Springs Mortgage I’m calling you, you’ve filled out a form on our website and said that you’re interested in getting pre-approved for a mortgage, so I just wanted to call, introduce myself and my company to you. We’re right around the corner, 101st and Memorial. I’ve noticed you’re in Bixby.
Tyler: Yeah. I’ve already got pre-approved by somebody else, so was very take care of.
Steve: What? Who? How did that happen? I do all loans around here, man.
Tyler: Bank, on the corner. Walked right in, walked right out.
Steve: When did you do that?
Tyler: Yesterday.
Steve: How did that go?
Tyler: Went okay. I got what I needed.
Steve: Cool. So, do you know what type of loan you’re doing?
Tyler: FHA.
Steve: Cool. Why are you in FHA?
Tyler: It’s what the guy told me I could do.
Steve: Oh, quite cool. Well, my approach is a little bit different than a lot of lenders. Here’s why- because a lot of people just walk into a bank, and it’s like an order-taking type of thing that you walk in and they say, “Oh, you need an FHA loan?”, And they hand you an FHA loan, and Colorado Springs Mortgage you move on down the road. We aren’t a bank, we are in the respect that we’re lender, we don’t do deposit accounts. But we’re like a mortgage boutique, that’s all we do. We just do mortgage, and we’re good at it. Have you bought before?
Tyler: No, first time.
Steve: Well, 75% of our customers are first-time buyers, so my entire business is designed to cater to people just like you. One of the things that make us different is, when you get pre-approved with us, you don’t walk into the bank to do it, you don’t walk into the place to do it, we do it all digitally, over the phone, through the internet. We’ll meet with you in person if you want to. But most people, from the convenience side of it, don’t want to walk into a bank.
Every time they need to bring in a document, they don’t want Colorado Springs Mortgage to take it in eight-to-five Monday through Friday, so we don’t work bankers’ hours. We make that easy. The cool thing is that I can compete with rate, terms and all that. Did they give you an interest rate? Did they talk to you about your loan terms and your loan amount, what you’re qualified for?
Tyler: Yeah, I’ve already got a rate.
Steve: What kind of rate did they quote you?
Tyler: Four and a quarter.
Steve: Okay, cool. Here’s a great thing, we’re all playing the same box when it comes to rate. The bank that you’re pre-approved with is either going to keep the loan or sell the loan, and at the end of the day we all start with our rates at the same place, so we can be competitive in rate, no question, I know we’re there and we’re going to be right there with them. The difference is just in our service level. And the other thing that I’ll tell you is obviously– You have a pretty good credit?
Tyler: It’s not bad.
Steve: Okay. So, when you have pretty good credit, or not bad, or bad credit even, you just want to shop around and make sure that you’re getting the best deal. And I know that after you talk to me, I can wire you with our service. We have a 21-day closing guarantee, so Colorado Springs Mortgage we can get your closed quickly. We do a lot of things that make the process smooth, and easy, and less painful. Do you have a realtor?
Tyler: Yes, yes, I do.
Steve: Who’s your realtor?
Tyler: John Doe.
Steve: Oh, John.
Tyler: John Doe’s a realtor.
Steve: How do you know John?
Tyler: My cousin’s grandma-
Steve: Oh.
Tyler: Somewhere in their- her grandpa, not our grandma but her grandma.
Steve: So, her grandma’s name is John, that’s interesting.
Tyler: That’s how we met. It was strange.