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Transcription: Colorado Springs Mortgage

Tyler: Buying a house. Already got a quote from ABC Bank down the road.
Steve: I know ABC Bank. Interesting.
Tyler: Yes, pretty good. I’m just really trying to compare and I want the lowest rate.
Steve: Cool. How much money are you putting up?
Tyler: 20%.
Steve: Good. What’s your credit score?
Tyler: 740.
Steve: Good. Guess what? The good news Colorado Springs Mortgage is you’re going to get the best rate and the best terms from anyone. Everyone wants to do a loan for you, which is why you’re shopping around and I totally understand that. I don’t blame you. But I’m a professional, I do this for a living and in order for me to give you an accurate quote, there’s a couple ways we can do that. If you have a quote from this other company send it to me and I’ll just tell you if I can beat it. The good news is, I am not going to change my life by doing your loan or not and I am honest, so I’ll just tell you. If that’s a good deal, I’ll be the first one to tell you to take it. If I can beat it, I’ll beat it. If you don’t want to do that, it’s up to you, I can work up a quote for you, but I’m going to need some information and typically whatever quote you got from someone else, it just saves both of us a lot of time and trouble if you just send it and I’ll tell you if I can beat it. Fair enough?
Tyler: Cool.
Steve: Email address,, I need it in the next three minutes. Just kidding. You guys hear that, now I’m going to take a different spin. Tyler says, “I don’t have a quote from another lender, I’m just trying to see what rates are.” Or maybe he’s holding one in his pocket and he’s not telling me. The different Colorado Springs Mortgage direction is this. In order for me to give you an accurate quote, I just need to get some information from you. And the best way to do that typically is for me to get a full-blown application, so that I can look at your credit, your income, assets, and look at loan types. Here’s the other thing I’m going to tell you. Lots of people call me and they say, “I need to know what your rates are. I have an 800 credit score, I’m putting 20% down, I need a conventional loan and this is what I’m doing and this is why.” And I’ll give you that, if you want 20% down, you have 800 credit score, and you want to do that, that’s perfectly fine. But I would not be doing my job if I didn’t take a minute to look at all loan programs that are available to you and give you an opportunity to make sure that conventional 20% down is what you want. Did you know that there are loans out there that you don’t have to put any money down at all?
Tyler: So, I can keep my money in my pocket?
Steve: Exactly. Look, I’m a huge fan of having cash. You know what’s great about having cash? Having it. Listen, because I’ve done this for a long time. If you want to put 20% down, go right ahead. I’m not going to blame you. But, I think what a professional would do is analyze your Colorado Springs Mortgage situation, look at what you have and then determine, here are all the things available to you, and then let you pick. That’s all. Some guys are just order takers, they’re just going to say, “Oh, 20% down.” And then one day, you’re going to be sitting around on your back patio in your beautiful home that you bought 20% down with all the cash you had, maybe not, and having a beer with your buddy. And he’s going to be like, “I just got a loan out there and basically not even put any money down.” And you’re going to go, “What? Why didn’t Currington tell me that I can get a loan with no money down?” That’s all I’m saying. If I can gather that info, I’ll work it up. If conventional is the best way for you to go with 20% down, that’s what I’ll do. But if not, you’ll at least know and then you won’t have any problems. Fair enough?
Tyler: Word.
Steve: Cool, I’ll just need your social. Just kidding. That is the — you can see two approach — It’s like, “I already have a quote. I already know what I want. I’m doing 20% down, you’re not going to convince me otherwise. Here’s my quote. Give me the quote.” If they’re not going to give you the quote, bye. I mean, really. Because otherwise, I’m going Colorado Springs Mortgage to spend a bunch of time going in and working up an accurate quote. Because if you’re a consumer I don’t just go hit enter on my computer and pop out a freaking rate, it doesn’t happen like that. How much time does it take for you to go work up an accurate refinance quote, Tyler?
Tyler: It takes time. You’ve got to get the title fees right, look up the taxes, figure out the insurance amount, you name it.
Steve: To get accurate. Some people would Colorado Springs Mortgage just whip whatever up and send it to you, and then when you get to the actual disclosure time and all the actual disclosure time and all the numbers change. And they told you it was $500 in closing costs and it’s actually $4500. That ever happened? So that’s the– Tyler is laughing because it just happened yesterday.
Tyler: Just happened.