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Transcription: Colorado Springs Mortgage

Steven: Just happened. So, you don’t want to get lip service and what people do, they give the hook and they want you to do that. Salespeople, remember people call, they shop rate, it’s okay. You don’t have to be a jerk about it and you don’t have to give Colorado Springs Mortgage all your information. In that entire exchange with Tyler, did I at one time? Did anybody, well no one can hear about. Maybe everybody out there can hear so I don’t know. Tyler, any point naturally, any point in that car– You’ve heard me say that a million times but you as the guy on the other end of the phone. Did that feel uncomfortable to you, did it feel like I was pulling the wool over your eyes, did it feel like anything or was it just–? Did you feel like, I mean, I know you know a lot about me but did you still feel like maybe I was a good guy and you can do a loan for it with me?
Tyler: I think so.
Steven: Okay and that scene, and he even actually knows me. And I still convinced him, that’s impressive.
Tyler: Sure.
Steven: Today we’re talking about what’s the rate and so the training is you got to practice, you’ve got to have a script, you’ve got to have the knowledge. I have these things tucked away back in my back pocket of my brain and if you’re a consumer out there just Colorado Springs Mortgage be aware that when you’re calling a lender and you’re saying, “I need the best rate out there”. Because this is a whole another thing. You may be not getting the best rate out there. I give you any rate you want that’s the secret. Right, Tyler?
Tyler: Yes.
Steven: You want the lowest rate in the world, great. It’s three and a quarter on a 30-year fixed, nine points. You’re going to pay nine percent of your loan amount. So it’s on a hundred thousand once, $9000. Anybody can give you any rate they want, it’s just a matter of how much it costs and that’s why we say, ‘What’s your rate?’ That’s why I want that quote from you. Because on that quote, you might be at three and a half and I’m looking at rates and they’re four percent Colorado Springs Mortgage or wherever they’re at. But, they’re charging you $4700 in discount points, so who can’t? Like do you want to pay five to grand in discount points?
Did you know that it was in there like that no, probably not because they snuck it in there and you didn’t know, you got to figure it out so that’s the point. Is it just calling and saying, ‘What’s my rate.’ There’s so much other stuff. So I’ll leave you guys with this, this is the last thing and this is a really good analogy. I’ve used it lots of times so if you’re listening, watching, here’s the analogy. Have you ever had like, I don’t know maybe you’re like a bump on your leg or on your neck or in your hair or you have a cut that won’t heal or you have something medically wrong. There’s something wrong, I don’t feel good. I’ve been sick for weeks. Do you call your doctor and be like, ‘Hey what’s the remedy?’ [laughter]
What’s the remedy, for what? Well, I got this thing on my leg, I wish you could see it. But it’s like and it won’t and it’s growing and it’s been growing for weeks. What does your doctor say, Tyler?
Tyler: Come into the office.
Steven: Come into the office, because I’m a doctor and I have to do an exam on you. So, it’s the same thing with mortgage, okay? Yes, I got to do an exam, I got to get the data, I got to get the information from you. I can’t get it from you calling and saying what’s your rate. So, you won’t do that Colorado Springs Mortgage with the doctor, he won’t let you and any lender that’s just going to quote your rate over the phone and let’s go. And not get it in writing and not anything, you probably want to question that. That’s all I’m saying and that’s just me being What do you think Tyler, it’s just a party?
Tyler: I think, you got it covered. I think we’re good.
Steven: It’s a good day today. I hope that everyone, that’s listening and watching, enjoyed our podcast today, remember we’re total lending concepts. Let’s get, we love koalas. In fact, in future, if you’re listening on a podcast version and you’re not watching. Maybe one day we’ll have me or Tyler in a Koala suit presenting. We have a video Colorado Springs Mortgage out there, we need people to share it. We get so much views, Tyler has put on a koalas suit, don’t be scared.
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