Sometimes buying a home feels like a three-act play — complete with drama, suspense, protagonists…and maybe even an antagonist or two along the way. But more times than not, these productions usually weave through the drama to a happy ending. That can be the case for you too, and understanding the main characters of your production…I mean home buying experience…can be helpful along the way.


The Main Characters

 The Loan Officer — You assumed we would list our profession as the lead character, and you were right. But the fact of the matter is you can’t turn your dream home into a reality without the green stuff! Your loan officer can prove to be a tremendous help in weaving through some of the more mundane, but necessary, portions of the home buying journey. Our role can be as big or as small as you want it to be, but in my experience, having what some people in the sports world refer to as the “glue guy” can be tremendously valuable for you.

The Realtor — Having a realtor who is looking out for your best interest is another important piece of the puzzle. We have some great realtor partners throughout Mid-Missouri who work hard every day to help you find that home that checks all of your boxes.

Title Company — In baseball terms, the title company is the “closer.” They bring all the various facets of the deal together in the final form to get the deal done. If you ever struggle to know who the title company representative is, they’ll be the ones entering the room with a massive stack of papers!

Supporting Cast

Appraiser — You want to make sure you are getting the house you are paying for, right? The appraiser signing off that your soon-to-be home is as valuable as you think is a small, but critical, step in the process.

Home Inspector — Nothing is more frustrating than completing your homeownership journey only to find out there are issues you weren’t aware of during the process. Your inspection gives you that peace of mind and certainty.

Insurance Company — Most people that I talk to find that insurance is a burden…until you need it. That statement is no more true than with your home. Especially if you are moving from renting to owning, it’s hard to quantify in your head just how much stuff falls entirely under your care and responsibility once you become a homeowner. Finding an insurance agent and company who you trust and who values you as a client is huge, and will be for as long as you own a home!

Suspense, drama, inevitable conflict, and an eventual happy ending. It probably describes most stage productions — and (hopefully minus the first three) describes your home buying experience. But it’s always good to have the right cast of characters involved in your production, and TLC stands ready to be a part of your show!