Purchasing a property is the largest investment most of us will make in our lifetime. Before deciding on our purchase, we want to make sure we love the house we’re buying. During times of high stress or excitement, we might overlook problems or forget to double-check features. Before deciding on your new property, consider this list to make sure your new home is your dream home.

It provides your top priorities

We all have non-negotiable features when it comes to buying a property. Those of us with an affinity for luxury might desire a swimming pool, whilst others want nothing more than a bathtub. Before looking at any houses, write out your top priorities. It’s easy to overlook a missing feature in a potential home when you’re stressed about searching or in awe over a property. Purchasing a house that doesn’t deliver your top priorities might not seem like a big deal at first, but it can come back to haunt you. No one wants to buy a home they end up disappointed in down the line! Having your top priorities written down will encourage you not to budge on them.

Essentials are in working order

Minor projects or house improvements are common for property buyers. However, if you’re hoping to move in and start living in your dream home, you’ll want to check all the essentials are in working order. Ask about the heating, water supply and electrics. Anything you need to start living in your house stress-free should be in working order in your dream property.

You’ve not made an impulse decision

House hunting can be a stressful experience. After applying for a mortgage, discussing with a mortgage lender and searching for a property, it’s not uncommon to feel exhausted. You might be tempted to give up your search and say yes to the next house you see.

If you’re feeling drained by your mortgage process and house-hunting efforts, take a break and gain some perspective. Stepping away from your search means you’re less likely to make an impulsive decision.

Similarly, we might be tempted to purchase a home after witnessing one stand out feature. Perhaps the house you’ve recently looked at has a magnificent garden. We might be tempted to put a deposit down purely based on this garden. Whilst this might be exciting at first, once the initial amazement has worn off, we’ll begin to see how this isn’t our dream home after all.

Think through your decision and consider if this property ticks all your boxes before making a decision.

Flaws and maintenance are accounted for

Before purchasing a property, you need to ensure you’re aware of any flaws or maintenance. There shouldn’t be any secrets lurking inside your dream property. Instead, you need to be aware of everything you need to change and happy with doing so.

No other homes have caught your eye

It’s been a while since any other properties have caught your eye. And every time you look at a prospective home, your dream property keeps popping into your mind. It’s clear you haven’t had the same connection with any other homes. If you’re constantly thinking about one property above all the others, this is likely your dream home.

You can picture yourself living here

Not only can you see yourself happy here, but you’re already overflowing with decor ideas. If you moved in tomorrow, you’d know exactly how to change the interiors to make it your dream home. Your dream property might not appear perfect straight away, but you can see past this and know how you can help it reach its full potential.

You’re comfortable and confident in your decision

Imagine this. You’ve put your deposit down, you’ve signed the agreement, and you’re ready to start moving boxes in. How do you feel? Happy? Confident in your decision? Excited? If this situation feels right in your mind, then you’ve discovered your dream property. When it comes to your dream property, there isn’t any room for doubt. If you’re one hundred percent comfortable and confident in your choice to live here, this is your dream home.

Everybody hopes to discover their dream home one day. When we’ve been searching for a house for a while, it can be difficult to understand if a property is truly our dream home. We might start to feel overwhelmed, panicked or confused during the process. If you’re looking for your dream property, or you think you’re found it, take a step back and consider this list. You’ll soon know if this house is the dream property you’ve been searching for.