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Colorado Springs, CO

The City of Millionaires



Beautiful Colorado Springs sits on the edge of the Rocky Mountains and only 61 miles from Denver. It’s the largest city in El Paso County, with a population of 464,474 (2017).

The Springs is known as a desirable place to live with dozens of national awards. Offering a pleasing climate, incredible scenery, and friendly residents, no wonder this is a prime destination to buy a home to raise a family or come for retirement.  

Our Total Lending Concepts office is at 5333 N Union Blvd. Suite 100 Colorado Springs, CO 80918

We provide mortgages for the entire El Paso County, including:

Colorado Springs, Cascade, Calhan, Elbert, Fountain, Green Mountain Falls, Manitou Springs, Monument, Palmer Lake, Peyton, Ramah, Rush, Yoder


The real estate marketing in Colorado Springs is booming, with the median home price hitting $325,500. The Springs has one of the hottest markets in the US with its family-friendly atmosphere, steady job market, and relatively low housing costs compared to many other parts of the country. 

Because this is such a hot market, all borrowers need to be fully qualified before shopping. That way, when they find a property, they can put in a strong offer right away. 

For investors, this area has a high demand for rentals because of the influx of new residents. 

The entire Total Lending Concepts crew has decades of experience in providing all types of home loans. So, you can be completely confident that no matter what your circumstance is or what kind of property you want to purchase, you’re in good hands. 


In our Colorado Springs office, we’ve worked with hundreds of borrowers. Here are a few of the top tips we give them:

  • Contact us right away. If possible, come to our office. It’s always good to meet your loan officer face to face and get all of your questions answered. If you can’t get away – give us a call – even if it’s during your lunch break, and we’ll be happy to help you see what your options are. 
  • Gather your essential income and asset documentation like paystubs, W2s, taxes, and recent bank statements so you’ll have it ready for your loan officer. 
  • Get prequalified first–before you start looking. That alone will make the process less stressful. Because in this hot market, once you make an offer, you’ll only have about 30 days until your loan closes. 
  • Stay in your price range. If you’re prequalified for $350,000, don’t be shopping in the $400,000 range and find a home you love but can’t afford. When you stay in your budget, you’ll be much happier and still find your dream home.
  • If you’re getting a VA or FHA loan, be sure the home is in good condition. Avoid bad roofs and hazards like broken windows, massive dry rot, or exposed wiring. Otherwise, those things will have to be repaired before your loan closes.  


Our Colorado Springs team are experts any loan you need including:

Conventional Loans – you’ll need a credit score of 620 and above. These loans are suitable for your primary residence, second home, or investment property.

FHA Loans – if your credit isn’t stellar and you don’t have very much saved up for a down payment – ask us about FHA loans. 

VA Loans – we help veterans can take advantage of their home loan benefits, including zero down payment and lower rates.

USDA Loans – if you want a property in a rural area, this loan offers a zero down payment option. 

Jumbo Loans – if you need a loan amount higher than the conventional limit, we have jumbo loans. 



"Jaysen Sanchez, Stephanie and TLC have been so great....have answered all questions and concerns so quickly ....the loan was put together in less then 3 weeks start to finish...Jaysen is extraordinary...a true asset for this fantastic company ....we will recommend to our friends and neighbors!!"

Jeanne Strike

Colorado Springs, CO

"Although we were first time home buyers, Bobby White was patient and explained in detail every part of the home buying process. Great service, and very responsive, no matter the time or day. Bobby was able to even help us secure our home by working with the buying and selling agents. Very happy with the service provided, and would easily recommend to any Colorado Springs new comers, especially military."

Joshua Sandra

Colorado Springs, CO

"Bobby White helped me refinance my home. He was professional throughout the process. He helped make sure all proccesses were as smooth as possible. You're in safe hands with TLC.."

Eileen Davenport

Colorado Springs, CO

"Everyone is extremely professional and always willing to help even though the weekend and after hours. We didn't plan on buying a house and wasn't 100% ready but Bobby helped us though everything and made it home buying easy. I would recommend to anyone who is looking to make this stressful time of home purchasing more pleasurable."

Greg Goss

Colorado Springs, CO

"Jason Rivera is the man! Made my refinance easy, got a great rate with no sweat. He made the process super easy, if you need any help with mortgage Jason is the one to go to!"

Dan Guillory

Colorado Springs, CO

"I had a great experience with Bobby White from Total Lending Concepts. I felt that I was made a priority and was cared for throughout the entire process. From understand the differences in loans and figuring out which one was best for me, to collecting all necessary data for my loan, I always felt supported."

Erin Gansz

Colorado Springs, CO

"Bobby White was our rep. Bobby was very attentive and took the time to help us through the process. Painless and smooth process. Will use these guys again and definitely recommend to others.."

Matt Kritch

Colorado Springs, CO

"Everyday, I get letters from mortgage companies offering to finance a new loan or refinance an existing loan. I recycle them immediately so they'll be useful and come back as a different paper product. I already have a go-to Mortgage Lender I've trusted for financing a new loan AND the quickest refinance known to humankind. Total Lending Concepts Colorado Springs. If you crave competence, respect, no-nonsense treatment, I say go with Total Lending Concepts Colorado Springs. Two thumbs up. Way up. With a twist."

Lloyd Lyles

Colorado Springs, CO

"I worked with Brian and Carissa on my mortgage loan. They were very humble people and care about there clients. Any means necessary to make the process go smoothly. They are up front to you about situations that are going on and keep you informed 24/7 with status of your loan. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a mortgage loan."

David Langfells

Colorado Springs, CO

"II am a first time home buyer but Bobby White made it easy to understand and made sure i knew what to expect throughout the process . He stayed in communication with me every step of the way and always assured me he was there to help if I had any questions."

Bri Marie

Colorado Springs, CO

"First time buying a home on my own. Brian and his team explained everything really clearly and answered all of my questions efficiently. They got me a great rate and understood my down payment needs without being blaming or making me feel weird about what I could and could not afford. Super easy and simple process, I will recommend these guys to everyone."

Haily Kolberg

Colorado Springs, CO


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