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San Antonio, TX is one of the nation’s fastest growing cities with the 7th largest population in the United States (over 1.6 million people). San Antonio is also one of the most diverse cities in the country with local cultural heritage and a citizenry that is reflective of the beauty and majesty of this great city.

San Antonio, unlike many other large cities around the country, controls much of the surrounding land and isn’t entirely surrounded by “suburbs.” This gives the city greater say and influence over how and where its growth occurs.

San Antonio is home to the Spurs, one of the NBA’s most successful basketball teams over the past two decades.


The real estate marketing in the San Antonio area is soaring, with the median home price hitting $250,000. San Antonio perfectly mixes the big city feel with a number of more quaint neighborhoods, shopping districts, historical landmarks and so much more.

Because this is such a hot market, all borrowers need to be fully qualified before shopping. That way, when they find a property, they can put in a strong offer right away. 

For investors, this area has a high demand for rentals because of the influx of new residents and tourist rental opportunities. 

The entire Total Lending Concepts crew has decades of experience in providing all types of home loans. So, you can be completely confident that no matter what your circumstance is or what kind of property you want to purchase, you’re in good hands. 


In our Total Lending Concepts San Antonio office, we’ve worked with hundreds of borrowers. Here are a few of the top tips we give them:

  • Contact us right away. It’s always good to connect with your loan officer and get all of your questions answered. If you can’t get away – give us a call – even if it’s during your lunch break, and we’ll be happy to help you see what your options are. 
  • Gather your essential income and asset documentation like paystubs, W2s, taxes, and recent bank statements so you’ll have it ready for your loan officer. 
  • Get prequalified first–before you start looking. That alone will make the process less stressful. Because in this hot market, once you make an offer, you’ll only have about 30 days until your loan closes. 
  • Stay in your price range. If you’re prequalified for $350,000, don’t be shopping in the $400,000 range and find a home you love but can’t afford. When you stay in your budget, you’ll be much happier and still find your dream home.
  • If you’re getting a VA or FHA loan, be sure the home is in good condition. Avoid bad roofs and hazards like broken windows, massive dry rot, or exposed wiring. Otherwise, those things will have to be repaired before your loan closes.  
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Our San Antonio team are experts any loan you need including:

Conventional Loans – you’ll need a credit score of 620 and above. These loans are suitable for your primary residence, second home, or investment property.

FHA Loans – if your credit isn’t stellar and you don’t have very much saved up for a down payment – ask us about FHA loans. 

VA Loans – we help veterans can take advantage of their home loan benefits, including zero down payment and lower rates.

USDA Loans – if you want a property in a rural area, this loan offers a zero down payment option. 

Jumbo Loans – if you need a loan amount higher than the conventional limit, we have jumbo loans. 


“What an easy, simple and quick process. Maegan Gore McVoy — there for us at every step and answered any question we had within minutes whether it be by phone, text, or email."

Derrick Boyd

“Maegan Gore was so incredibly helpful in our refinance process. She explained everything in detail, answered all of the questions we had and was so incredibly friendly during the whole process. Highly recommend this company for all our homeowner needs!"

Braden Lippold

“Maegan Gore McVoy was so helpful! Between her and our realtor Jennifer Thompson they made a dream team! They helped us through the process of buying our dream home as smoothly as they could. When we didn’t understand something, they took the time to explain step by step the answers to our questions with such enthusiasm & patience. Plus, Maegan even took the time to be present at our closing! We are so very grateful & highly recommend her to help you with your Home!"

Blanca Saenz

Maegan McVoy and her team are simply amazing at their lending skills! Start to finish, she kept us in the loop. And she got us the BEST rate bar none! She is efficient and well organized! All the team was also very responsive in a timely matter to all our questions and explained all steps and aspects as we went through lending process. The loan process can be the not-so-fun part of home ownership but TLC definitely makes it easy. All in all a wonderful process start to finish. We will use Maegan and total lending concepts team again for our next purchase for sure! Thanks again!”

Melissa Hoey

“Maegan McVoy did a great job of getting us in our dream home. It was not easy due to the complexity of our situation but she was as determined As we were to get the house. She was positive and patient throughout the process and always available.
Thanks Maegan!”

Valerie Siller

"Maegan was patient and assisted us throughout the whole process... even when we weren’t patient. She prepped us accordingly to fix our credit fast and get the approval for our loan. Our entire process well less than 60 days from beginning to end! Highly recommend. Just do what they tell you and it will be no time before you are approved and in a new home! Thank you Maegan!"

Sierra Roddy

"Maegan was awesome! Knowledgeable, helpful, and very professional. Thanks Maegan!!"

Christopher Jones

"My lender, Maegan McVoy, was fantastic. I got my house a little longer than I thought I would but that was due to the COVID-19. Through this whole epidemic she has been by my side the whole time working me through the process and assisting me in getting the steps done as soon as needed. She is a blessing and so thoughtful, especially for a single mother of two little boys, who has never bought a house before. Now I’m a new homeowner and if I had to go buy another house, I would highly recommend her and her company, Total Lending Concepts. Even if you’re not a single mother, she sticks with you through the easy and the hard parts. She’ll answer all your questions and not only find answer but solutions as well. I am so thankful that I was referred to her. Thank you so, so much!!!"

Lara McKinley


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