When in the market for a new home, especially when upgrading, many people include a pool as a must-have. While a pool can increase your home’s value, and an in-ground pool is perfect for leisure time, there are things to consider like maintenance. Here are some details considering the pros and cons of pool-ownership.

The Pros

If you live in a temperate or warm climate, a pool may be an expectation, which keeps the value of your home above homes without. If you enjoy entertaining, a pool is a definite asset, swimming is fun and during the summer months makes it easy for guests to say ‘yes.’ During the cooler winter months where pools can remain open, floating candles and floating fountains provide a great ambience. Often overlooked in the pros of having a pool is the ability to have low-impact exercise available with a quick change into a swimsuit. This is particularly good for recovery from recent injuries, ease of arthritis, or for our elderly family members. Finally, some see a pool as a pro because it takes up yard space, taking away the need for yardwork and upkeep.

The Cons

Pools are great fun and a safety risk. Some homebuyers also see a pool as a hazard for their children or pets, and homeowner’s insurance providers will too. It’s best to discuss the details with your insurance agent, as safety precautions, like a lockable fence and gate. Second to this is the cost and time needed to maintain a pool. From chemicals to keep bacteria and algae away, to crack and pump repairs (over time). Many pool-owners opt for monthly pool maintenance services, but there will be a need to skim the water for debris daily. In areas with four seasons, there is also the need to winterize the pool and cover or drain it as appropriate. Last to consider, is the space a pool will occupy, which may be difficult on a smaller lot if you want a yard, enjoy land sports, or have pets or animals.

The Alternatives

The obvious alternative is to suit up, pack up, and go to the local pool hoping for a space to lounge or swim. However, if you’re considering having a pool built, a good alternative is to have an above-ground pool for one season. While an above-ground pool won’t add value to your home, you can get an idea if an in-ground pool would be a good investment for your lifestyle. If you are considering buying a home with an established pool, consider the pros and cons above before diving in.

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