Total Lending Concepts Five Star Review Scott Shute in Addison Texas for Rory Dunham Home Loan

“Deciding it was time to secure a refinance of my home – I was overwhelmed with the number of offers and options available. Especially ones I could trust. Embarking on this path is a personal experience where your financial data is exposed. I reached out to an old friend Rory a Dunham and immediately was put at ease. Professional and highly attentive to my needs. Securing the right package for me was something Rory was able to do quickly and competitively. I only want to go through this once and knowing I have built a trusted relationship with Rory and TLC gave me a calm I needed. Great proactive communications on all my media channels – text and email. He makes commitments and keeps them. I would strongly recommend Rory Dunham to anyone searching for a reliable and trustworthy source for financing their home.”