If you’re moving and considering a professional mover, be sure to take the necessary steps for a smooth move. While millions of people move by way of professional movers, there are scammers and shoddy companies out there. Taking a few minutes to evaluate the moving company may pay off in the long run. Here are our top tips.

To Self-Pack or Not, That is the Question?

Since you’ll likely want to avoid the cost of labor and inflated packing supply costs, self-packing is usually the best option. If you can afford to have the company do the packing, as for the specific person’s experience in packing and ask for references. This will help you avoid getting a packer who simply throws things into a box without care of breaking or proper packing protocol.

Estimates and Inventory

A professional mover will provide an estimate only after an inventory or walk-through (in-person or virtually). Don’t worry about questions, especially if there are items you won’t be taking. They will also likely ask about the place you are moving to, for example stairs, ramp access, and garages. Since price is usually based on weight and space necessary for the move, this is important in obtaining an accurate estimate.

Accepting a Quote or Signing a Contract

There are three types of quotes used by professional movers: non-binding, non-binding not to exceed, and binding. Non-binding will either not exceed 10% over the quote, or not exceed the quote, while a binding contract it should be a guaranteed cost of moving, but any extra services will be an additional fee. In either case, extra charges should not be due until 30 days after the move has occurred.

Be sure you understand the type of contract you are accepting. It should not include any deposits, prepayments, payments in cash only, a blank contract, or no statement about extra fees. The previous list should be a red flag to stop and ask more questions or even switch to a different company. Prior to any contract signing a bit of due diligence on your part is critical. Ask for recent references, and also do a search for the business, either through the Better Business Bureau or state licensing sites, or call the consumer hotline at the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration at 888-368-7238 or visit their site at https://www.fmcsa.dot.gov/protect-your-move.

Leave a Review or File a Complaint

During the move, take some time to unpack breakables to ensure nothing is broken. If there are any broken or damages goods, be sure to file a report with the moving company. Also determine what kind of review you’ll submit to the company’s site or if service was poor, if you will file a complaint with the local Better Business Bureau. Your follow up will help others make good decisions for their move.

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